Our Purpose & Distinctives

Our purpose is to glorify and serve the Lord Jesus Christ who has saved us by His sovereign grace and preserved us in his faithfulness.Some of our doctrinal and practical distinctives are:The sole and supreme authority of the Bible in matters of faith and practice.

Expository and applicatory preaching of the whole counsel of God's word including:

  • God's absolute sovereignty
  • God's perfect law of liberty
  • Man's total depravity and inability
  • Christ's perfect redemption
  • The free offer of the gospel
  • The necessity of repentance and faith and a life of personal holiness
  • The centrality of the church in God's redemptive purpose
  • Joyful and solemn public worship of the Triune God, our glorious Creator, Ruler, Savior, and Judge.
  • Corporate prayer to extend the kingdom of God.

The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith is a fuller statement of what we believe and strive to practice.