Terry Spears Family

Faith Baptist Church supports Terry Spears and his family.

September-October 2009

Our Dear Praying Partners,

We hope this letter finds you all well. My family and I are back in the Philippines, safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers. Let me fill you in with our eventful arrival.

Terry Spears Family - PhilippinesThe recent typhoon that hit the Philippines has brought much grief to many Filipinos. We were leaving Hawaii headed for the Philippines (Sept 28) when the airlines canceled the flight. Because of the severe weather conditions in Manila caused by the typhoon, our trip was delayed for two days. According to the news, the recent storm set off the worst flooding in Manila and nearby provinces in more than 40 years. The storm dumped more than a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours. The foreboding outcome was devastating. Some people we know had to get to their rooftop for safety. Many were stranded away from their homes. We were told by some of our church people that they trudged through waist-deep murky waters for several hours from their work and some from school all the way to their own homes. In worse areas, many people didn’t make it. When the waters have receded, lifeless bodies have been found in strange places.

We arrived in the Philippines Oct. 1. The Lord mercifully spared us from the dreadful event, but then, I was greeted with the heaviness of heart as I saw the aftermath of the typhoon. Oh that we look to God, Who is the very One who orchestrates these catastrophes. "But He is in the heavens, He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased."

In our church area alone there were houses lost and people displaced by the typhoon. Flood waters came into the church building and reached about 6 inches into the piano. The men came as quickly as they could to move the piano up on pallets.

Terry Spears Family - PhilippinesWhen we arrived, we were humbled to find our church people have taken their time to help clean up the place for our arrival. Floods inside the house (where our things were stored) have exceeded two feet high. The muddy floors have been cleaned and swept.

Most of our belongings were saved from the flood, especially my books. Praise God for that! Unfortunately, our refrigerator didn't make it from the flood waters. We cleaned it and it is somewhat running again,but by the looks and sound of it, it will soon need to be replaced.

We are simply thankful and glad to be back here with our people.

The ministry here is doing well. Because of the typhoon, the floodwaters left our church gate dilapidated. I, together with our men, have been working and doing repairs on it. There are many things that need mending and reconstructing both at church building and the place where we are temporarily staying... but one at a time. It can get overwhelming. There is so much to do!

My wife and I, together with another couple from our church, will be traveling to Mindanao this week. Yes, Mindanao has been the traditional homeland of Muslim Filipinos. The place is called General Santos City. I will be preaching to a group of people over there. As these lost souls hear the Word, I pray the grace of God change hearts and may He turn feet into the way of Life. This may be a perfect place for a church plant.

Thank you for your love and prayers for our family and for your faithful support to the ministry.

Your Co-laborers in Christ,
Bro. Terry, Cynthia and Bryce