Teaching & Preaching Ministry:

This ministry is what we consider to be the most essential and important ministry of any church, and here at Faith Baptist we have always had a strong emphasis on the teaching and preaching of God's Word. We believe that for believers to grow and mature spiritually, the centrality of the church must be Biblical preaching and teaching. Our emphasis in the Adult Sunday School and Sunday morning worship is upon expository, or verse by verse, teaching of the Scriptures. In the afternoon services, we will very often do topical studies upon subjects such as Biblical evangelism, essential doctrines of the church, cults, bad theology and a variety of other subjects which are dealt with by an examination of various scriptures to equip believers to defend their faith and enable them to better serve our Lord.

Children's Sunday School Ministry:

For our Children's Ministry on Sunday Mornings, we use the curriculum of Desiring God Ministries which is called Children Desiring God. The lessons are first of all very Biblical, but they also engage the interests and the minds of the children very well. Our intent in these materials is first of all to bring the Word of God to bear upon our children and help to see their need of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Secondly, it is to help those who already know the Lord to grow and learn how they might serve, love and glorify their Father in Heaven. If you would like to see a sample lesson, you can go to

Prayer Ministry:

Outside of the teaching of God's Word, there is no more important ministry of the church than prayer, especially the corporate prayer life of the church. As such, we meet regularly together for corporate prayer on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. It is a time when we read Scripture together, share our praises for answered prayers and our burdens for prayer needs, then lift our prayers to the throne of God. In this ministry of the church we have seen God move in the lives of all who avail themselves of this ministry. We would invite any who visit our church or our church web site to share any prayer requests or needs that you have.

Missionary Ministry:

We believe it is not only vital to preach the gospel in our own community, but to support the missionary efforts of others who are preaching the gospel in other parts of the world where there is very little knowledge of who Christ is and what the true way of salvation is. As such, we support four full missionaries and their families: Andres and Rhonda Galaviz, missionaries to Mexico; Pat and Diane Horner, missionaries to the Assam region of India; James and Komuni Dhale, missionaries to the Manipur region of India; and Terry and Cynthia Spears, missionaries to the Phillipines. We have been blessed by God to help in these ministries and look forward to furthering our involvement in other areas of the world.